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Description détaillée

Allows you to display a banner with the text you want at the top of the site on all pages. You can warn customers of important things of the moment.

This banner can offer a promotion code, indicate delivery problems, warn that there are new items, ...

The banner can be clickable, scrollable and can remain fixed at the top.

Ultra simple module to configure.

Once installed there will be a new "top banner" link in your "appearance" menu You can choose to activate or not the banner then the following options:

- Fixed banner (yes or no): to ensure that the banner remains at the top of the site or not if we unroll the page (sticky or not if we scroll the page) - Scrolling text (yes or no) to choose if the banner text should scroll, disappear on the left side to reappear on the right

- Choice of background color

- Choice of text color

(If you have HTML skills you can directly define the CSS class of the banner, it's more SEO friendly)

- Clickable banner (yes or no) with link: allows you to choose whether you can click on the banner to open a specific page

- And the text of the banner