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What this module do?

The combination in stock first module for Prestashop 1.6 and 1.7 Automatically changes the default combination of a product when it is out of stock. Improves the user experience by avoiding the frustration of seeing products unavailable.
- Greatly reduce the frustration of customers who will see products out of stock when opening a product page, first on stock combination will appear.
- Makes the customer aware that the product may have other combinations or attributes in stock
- Increase user experience Increase sales.

How the module works?

Ultra simple module that works instantly after installation.

Once installed, the module automatically changes the default combination of a product if it is out of stock.

Changes are made continuously each time a product page is loaded by a customer.

The module checks if the combiantion is in stock and if not it changes the combiantion (or attribut) by, depending on your configuration:

- The combination with the largest stock

- Or the following combination (the first which will be in stock)

The customer will always see the combinations in stock first on the product pages.

It’s automatic, there’s nothing to do.

In the module configuration, there is a history of all the combinations changes made, so you can see in real time how the module works. With the old default combination, its stock and the new default combination with its stock.

If you put a combination back in stock, you can press the button "return as the default combination" and thus return to origin.


Ultra simple installation, requires no technical knowledge, the module works instantly.


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